Information Handbook

The Information Handbook is a publication of the Information Office of Opus Dei and is published to help journalists and other media professionals. It contains a summary of the nature, history and organisation of the Opus Dei Prelature, an institution of the Roman Catholic Church.

Apart from this website and the Information Handbook, information on Opus Dei, its founder and activities can be found in: containsinformation about the founder of Opus Dei including: biography, DVD clips of St Josemaría speaking to various audiences, timeline, devotion to him in different parts of the world, letters received from people who attribute favours received to his intercession or who thank him for having brought them close to the Christian faith; initiatives inspired by his preaching, etc. Romana is the official bulletin of the Opus Dei Prelature. It is published twice a year and is available in Italian, English and Spanish. Distribution is by subscription. The website contains the electronic version of the bulletin plus the facility to subscribe to the paper version. contains a searchable database of all the published works of St Josemaría Escrivá (The Way, Furrow, The Forge, Friends of God, Christ is Passing By, etc). The website also allows the visitor to open a personal folder where they can store the texts they wish.