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"My marriage and experience as a father has strengthened me and made me better at what I do in my job. I know too many people who define themselves by their 'career'. I used to also. Now, I am defined by my true vocation as husband and father… and I have a job too." - Daniel Plazek, sales engineer from Pittsburgh and father of 7 children.


(VIS). At the end of the fifteenth and final general congregation, and after the votes had been cast, Pope Francis addressed the Synod Fathers, affirming that during these two weeks the participants in the Third Extraordinary General Assembly have truly experienced synodality, a path of solidarity, a “journey together”.


The multitude of people these days, the millions of people throughout the world, and so many who await us in heaven, bear witness to the fruitfulness of Don Alvaro’s life, said Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei in Mass of thanksgiving for the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo

Malena kuća, velika obitelj!

Malena kuća, velika obitelj!

Na početku petog tjedna karantene netko me je pitao: „Kako uspijevaš sa svom svojom djecom u toj vašoj maloj kući?“ Moj suprug i ja imamo sretnu malu momčad od devetero djece u dobi između pet i dvadeset dvije godine.

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