Jutustused USA'st

Videod inglise keeles: ärgielu pühitsemine on väljakutse nii koduperenaisele kui tudengile, nii kosmose insenerile kui vandeadvokaadile.

Elizabeth Heil

Video: an art administration grad student talks about finding Opus Dei, joining as a supernumerary, and diversity in Opus Dei.

Joe Keefe

Video: an art historian talks about deciding to be a numerary, his experiences at college, and trying to fit the Opus Dei “norms” into an average day.

Angela Fortunato

Video: a public health administrator talks about finding her vocation as a numerary, God’s will and freedom, and learning to pray.

Pat Kilner

Video: a contractor talks about finding his vocation to be a supernumerary, Opus Dei's influence on his children, and his concerns about Opus Dei.

Vince Lozano

Video: an aerospace technical writer talks about what drew him to Opus Dei, what Opus Dei provides for him as a cooperator, and controversies about Opus Dei.

Virginia Hughes

Video: a lawyer talks about work and family life, why she joined Opus Dei, and what holiness means to her.

Sam Chen

Video: an engineering grad student talks about discovering Catholicism and Opus Dei, what attracts him as a non-Christian to religion, and what he has learned living in an Opus Dei student residence.

Pat Anderson

Video: an HR director for Opus Dei talks about the spiritual guidance Opus Dei offers, the roles of men and women, and becoming a numerary.

Ana Samuel

Video: a political philosophy grad student talks about becoming a supernumerary, a typical day in her life, and the role of women in Opus Dei.

Doug Hinderer

Video: a corporate executive talks about growing up, finding Opus Dei, family issues, and misconceptions about Opus Dei.