St. Josemaría's 18 routes in Catalonia

Saint Josemaría Escriva de Balaguer made thirty-seven visits in Catalonia, and two in Andorra. The first time he visited was in 1913, where he travelled to Lleida to pass eleventh grade, and the last time was in 1974, where he also spent a few days in Castelldaura (Premiá de Mar).

There are two maps, one for Barcelona (10 routes) and one for the rest of Catalonia (8 routes). These routes are collected territorially in the most relevant sites where he stayed. In each place there is a small reference book which refers to Josep Masabeu "Escrivà de Balaguer a Catalunya, 1913-1074". Publications of the Abbey of Montserrat. Barcelona, 2015. There is a page that specifies the events that took place.



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