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Tomás Alvira, Father of a family

There can be no better gift for a father… than the grateful love of a son. That affection grows and matures with years and becomes even more deeply rooted when the father has gone, even though he is known to be nearer and more active than ever. Rafael Alvira, a son before a philosopher, considered at the death of his father the legacy he received.


"Paquita and Tomás helped me to meet Jesus"

A school teacher describes how she drew close to Jesus and Mary thanks to the example of Christian life given by the Alvira couple.


Tomas Alvira. From Teacher to Teacher

The school’s energy is not produced in the directors’ offices, but in the classroom, in every classroom. But this will only be produced if it has life.


Tomás Alvira’s first meeting with St. Josemaría

The first meeting between Tomás Alvira and the Founder of Opus Dei took place during a very difficult time, as the civil war had broken out little more than a year before. It occurred in Madrid, in the midst of a religious persecution that had already produced many martyrs. Tomás used to go to the house of an old friend from the Chemistry Faculty of Saragossa, Josémaría Albareda.