To send news about a favor received

If you have received a favor through the intercession of Guadalupe Ortiz, you can use an online form to share this good news with the Office for the Cause of the Saints of the Prelature of Opus Dei. This will help show the effectiveness of Guadalupe's intercession and spread devotion to her.

Novena to Guadalupe Ortiz

We offer a novena, written by Fr Francis Faus, to ask for favors or help through the intercession of Guadalupe.

Interview with the Postulator for Cause of Guadalupe Ortiz

Fr. Antonio Rodríguez de Rivera, postulator for Guadalupe's cause, answers some questions related to the promulgation of the decree on her heroic virtues.

Documentary: Guadalupe Ortiz

A brief video about the life of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri, who was declared "Venerable" by Pope Francis on May 4, 2017. A chemist who also dedicated herself to helping others discover their Christian vocation, Guadalupe inspired many with her sincere friendship and work well-done.

Decree on the Miracle attributed to Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri

Decree on the Heroic Virtues of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri