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Vicar of the United States and Canada

The current Vicar the United States and Canada of the Prelature of Opus Dei is Father Javier del Castillo, who was appointed in 2024.

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Protocol for Dealing with Institutional Complaints to the Prelature

Protocol of the Prelature of Opus Dei

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Regional Circumscriptions of Opus Dei

This article lists the current circumscriptions of Opus Dei, which include about sixty countries in which the Prelature is present.

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What schools and other charities in the United States have a relationship with Opus Dei?

Opus Dei provides spiritual guidance at a number of charitable and educational institutions in the United States.

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Prelature of Opus Dei

On 28 November 1982, St. John Paul II erected Opus Dei as a Personal Prelature by means of the Apostolic Constitution "Ut sit." Here are some videos and texts on its juridical structure and apostolic mission.

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Safe Environment: Delegation of Central United States

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Statutes of Opus Dei

The Statutes of Opus Dei were promulgated by Pope St John Paul II in 1982. Written in Latin, they define precisely the juridical configuration of the Prelature, its organization, and its aims.

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History and Activities

A brief account of Opus Dei's history and activities in the U.S.

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Apostolic constitution "Ut sit"

The English translation of the apostolic constitution, Ut sit, by which Opus Dei was established as the Catholic Church's first personal prelature.

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“We need to make Christ’s way of being our own”

“The Centrality of Christ in the Formation and Life of Priests” was the theme of the 57th Conference on Pastoral Questions in Castelldaura, near Barcelona, which took place on 25-26 January.

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