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"A glass-bone child"

The attending physicians considered my daughter's condition critical and gave no hope for her survival.


My premature baby

I asked Montse to intercede and save his life.


A birthday present?

Yesterday was her birthday, and I asked her on that account.


Decree of Heroic Virtues of Montse Grases

On the 26th of April this year, the Holy Father decided that Montse's Decree of Heroic Virtues should be published and so bring her one step closer to being Beatified. Here is a translation from the original Latin.


Montse’s love for sports and the outdoors

Montse Grases (1941-1959) was recently declared venerable by Pope Francis. She loved to swim, ride a bicycle, play tennis, and hike in the mountains. With a group of friends her own age, Montse spent her summer vacations in Seva, a small town in the foothills of a mountain range north of Barcelona.

Life and Stories

Interview with Postulator for Montse Grases

Msgr. Jose Luis Gutierrez Gomez, Postulator for Montse Grases' Cause of Canonization, answers some questions in view of the recent Decree of the Holy See confirming her heroic practice of the virtues.


Life of Montse Grases

A documentary about the life of Montse Grases, recently declared "venerable" by Pope Francis, who found in Opus Dei a path to make a gift to God of her joy, her youth, and the cancer that she bore with heroic example.

Other resources

A good fiancé

I went to Montse's intercession for my young niece.


My estranged sister

I did a novena to Montse asking for her help to reconcile with my sister.


Some delicate lenses

After praying to Montse, everything worked out perfectly