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"She realized that God was calling her"

In this video from EWTN's "They Might Be Saints," Michael O'Neill investigates Montse Grases' exemplary witness of the faith and joy that come from being close to God. Her cause of canonization was opened 60 years ago, on 19 December 1962.

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Montse’s love for sports and the outdoors

Montse Grases (1941-1959) was recently declared venerable by Pope Francis. She loved to swim, ride a bicycle, play tennis, and hike in the mountains. With a group of friends her own age, Montse spent her summer vacations in Seva, a small town in the foothills of a mountain range north of Barcelona.

Life and Stories

Montse: With the Strength of Youth

Montse Grases was a girl who sensed God's call right from her youth, to serve Him in ordinary life. She spread to her friends and relatives the peace that comes from being close to God, while bearing a painful illness that eventually led to her death.

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