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Ernesto Cofiño intercedes in Hong Kong

Dr. Ernesto Cofiño dedicated his life to serving the most underprivileged children in Guatemala. He was the first professor of Pediatrics and founded the Pediatric Association in the country. He passed away with a reputation for holiness. In this account, the mother of a four-year-old boy recounts how she turned to his intercession before God.


Finding God in Medicine

Xochitl Donis, a pediatrician, teacher and mother of a family in Guatemala, recounts how finding a prayer card of Dr. Ernesto Cofiño at the beginning of her university studies led her to find God in her daily work and life.


Guatemala City Dedicates an Avenue to Dr. Ernesto Cofiño

Dr. Ernesto Cofiño, pioneer of pediatrics in Guatemala, earned a place in the hearts of thousands of Guatemalans with his work for children and for the development of women and underprivileged families. Now he also has a well-deserved place in the urban fabric of Guatemala City.


Samuel Camhi and Ernesto Cofiño

Samuel Camhi was a Jewish businessman and Ernesto Cofiño a Catholic physician. United by their concern for the most needy, they became great friends.


Dr Ernesto Cofiño's Process of Beatification Continues in Rome

The second phase of the beatification process for the Servant of God Ernesto Cofiño has begun. He is regarded as the pioneer of pediatrics in Guatemala. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints will now examine the documentation.


My devotion to Ernesto began with a documentary

"I ask God to grant me more years of life because I have worked so little in my life," the Servant of God Ernesto Cofíño once said. His example continues to inspire so many people who want to be holy.


No Small Goals: The Life of Dr. Ernesto Cofiño

A new biography of Ernesto Cofiño, who was born on 5 June 1899 and whose cause of canonization has been opened, is now available from Scepter Publishers.

Life and Stories

Documentary: "Ernesto Cofiño. All can be saints"

Dr. Ernesto Cofiño died on October 17, 1991. He dedicated his life to assisting those most in need and vigorously defending human life in his native Guatemala. His cause of canonization was opened in the year 2000.

Life and Stories

Prayer for Dr. Ernesto's intercession

Prayer for private devotion.

Ernesto Cofiño

Biography of Ernesto Cofiño

Ernesto Cofiño was born in Guatemala City on June 5, 1899.

Life and Stories