Ernesto Cofiño intercedes in Hong Kong

Dr. Ernesto Cofiño dedicated his life to serving the most underprivileged children in Guatemala. He was the first professor of Pediatrics and founded the Pediatric Association in the country. He passed away with a reputation for holiness. In this account, the mother of a four-year-old boy recounts how she turned to his intercession before God.

Ernesto Cofiño intercedes in Hong Kong. Favor attributed to Doctor Ernesto Cofiño’s intercession.

My four-and-a-half-year-old son had been experiencing symptoms of a cold and flu for some time. One day, he vomited at school. Since then, he began complaining of a stuffy nose and a headache. We took him to the pediatrician and an ENT specialist at a hospital in Hong Kong, who suspected sinusitis and prescribed antibiotics and nasal allergy medications. However, the headache persisted. Two weeks later, my son complained that his condition had worsened, even after a thorough cleaning of his nose.

One day, he complained that the headache prevented him from walking and moving. I became very worried and took him to the hospital. The pediatrician suggested a CT scan and recommended that he stay in the hospital for monitoring. Until the scan, he couldn't take any medicine, eat, or drink water throughout the day. He only took a necessary syrup for the scan to make him sleep and not move. I asked a priest of Opus Dei to remember my son in Mass, and he recommended that I pray to Dr. Ernesto Cofiño.

While in the hospital, I read about Dr. Cofiño and found out that he was a pediatrician. I read the testimony of a child who recovered from an inexplicable fever after seeking his intercession. I prayed the prayer card several times while my son slept.

After the examination, he slept for 12 hours straight. When he woke up, the headache had completely disappeared! He was full of energy, and the pediatrician couldn't explain it. The CT scan showed everything was normal, both in the nose and the brain. I was amazed and couldn't believe it.

Documentary: “Ernesto Cofiño. All Can Be Saints.”

I am very grateful. I knew that, among all the prayers of my friends, Dr. Cofiño played a very special role in the healing. I appreciate his kindness in interceding for my son, as it has been a sign that despite my weaknesses, I continue to receive God's mercy.

I pray that this favor contributes to spreading devotion to Dr. Cofiño, who now enjoys the friendship of God.

A. L. - Hong Kong