Message from the Prelate (19 June 2020)

On the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Msgr Ocariz invites us to ask Our Lord for a meek and humble heart, where many souls can find rest and consolation.

Pastoral Letters and Messages
Opus Dei - Message from the Prelate (19 June 2020)

Rome, 19 June 2020

My dearest children: may Jesus watch over my daughters and sons for me!

Today, with the whole Church, we are especially contemplating the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This feast-day is an opportunity to let ourselves be surprised once again by the marvellous fact that God has chosen to come so close to mankind as to become one of us, with a heart like ours in so many ways. It brings to my mind Our Lord’s consoling invitation, “Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Mt 11:29).

Jesus wants us, amid our daily comings and goings, to have genuine peace, serenity and rest. And he shows us the way: by identifying ourselves more and more with him, with the humility and meekness of his heart. As St Josemaría wrote, “Our Lord can and does whisper in our ear, time and again, exemplum dedi vobis, I have given you an example of humility. I have become a slave, so that you too may learn to serve everyone with a meek and humble heart” (Friends of God, 103).

Let’s ask Our Lord in our prayer to give us a heart like his. This will result in “peace for our soul” and for the people around us. We can also give thanks for the many deeds of service that we have seen in these past months, often very close to each of us.

On the solemnity we celebrate today, perhaps we may recall more often St Josemaría’s aspiration Cor Iesu sacratissimum et misericors, dona nobis pacem – most Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus, grant us peace! We turn to his mercy in order to pray for peace in souls, in the Church and in the world, and to continue begging for the end of the pandemic which is still bringing suffering to so many places. And we have recourse to the motherly mediation of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy and Queen of Peace.

A very affectionate blessing from

your Father