50 Years as a Priest

From the Pope
50 Years as a Priest

For the 50th anniversary of his ordination as a priest on 13 December 1969, here is the Letter Pope Francis wrote to priests for the ...


Message of the day

“We are ordinary Christians who lead an ordinary life”

God is not removing you from your environment. He is not taking you away from the world, or from your condition in life, or from your noble human ambitions, or from your professional work... But he wants you to be a saint - right there! (The Forge, 362)

No matter how much we may have reflected on all this, we should always be surprised when we think of the thirty years of obscurity which made up the greater part of Jesus' life among men. He lived in obscurity, but, for us, that period is full of light. It illuminates our days and fills them with meaning, for we ...

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