Lessons Atop Mt. Kenya

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Lessons Atop Mt. Kenya

Every year, staff, students and friends from Eastlands College of Technology in Nairobi get together to climb the third highest peak in Kenya, at...

Tribute to Mary

Tribute to Mary

"Why – I ask you – is Mary the Mother of Christ, other than because she gave birth to the members of Christ?" Saint Augustine praises our Lady's...

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“Wanting, without really wanting: that is your attitude”

Wanting, without really wanting: that is your attitude as long as you don't put the occasion firmly aside. Don't try to fool yourself telling me you are weak. You are... a coward, which is not the same thing. (The Way, 714)

The world, the flesh and the devil are a band of adventurers who take advantage of the weakness of that savage you bear within you, and want you to hand over to them, in exchange for the glittering tinsel of a pleasure--which is worth nothing,--the pure gold and the pearls and the diamonds and rubies drenched in the life- blood of your God Redeemer, which are the price and the treasure of your eternity. (The Way, 708)

Another fall, and what a fall! Must you give up hope? No. Humble...

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