Members and cooperators in Britain

In this section we have collected testimonies from people in Britain.

Damaso Azagra was born in Spain. He studied in Oxford and has worked in an architectural studio in London for many years. He will now be ordained a priest in order to serve in a different way.

In Memoriam: John Henry (1939-2007)

The life of Professor John Henry was a shining example of how Christian faith can be the inspiration for an outstanding professional career, following the spirit of Opus Dei.

Elitist, Opus Dei? I don't think so

Kathleen McCormick, is a carer, cleaner, grandmother and a Co-operator of Opus Dei. She lives in Glasgow.

"You party so much yet you don't neglect your religion"

Ekene Ogbechie is a pharmacist and a former singer in a band. Currently an MBA student, she is a Supernumerary member of Opus Dei.

"I love my work, I love caring for people."

Kristina Bozkova is a Registered Nurse working in a London hospital, and is a Numerary member of Opus Dei.

"I consider everything in the light of my vocation"

Anne-Marie Walker is a Children’s Book Editor and Publisher. Living in Liverpool with her husband, she is a Supernumerary member of Opus Dei.

"It has strengthened my relationship with Christ"

Jocelyn Owens, is a housewife with 8 children. She lives in Lancashire, and is a Supernumerary member of Opus Dei..

A vocation to seek sanctity in ordinary life

Interview with Stephen Tsang, an architect working in Chelsea, London.

Everything has meaning and purpose

Interview with Ashley Stratford, who works as a Town Planning Consultant in Manchester.

Reading "The Way" changed my life

Interview with Oskari Juurikkala, from Finland, who is studying Law at the London School of Economics.