Centres in Britain

In Britain there are Opus Dei centres in London, Oxford, Manchester and Glasgow. The addresses of the main centres are given below.

Apostolic initiatives

(for men)
231 Nithsdale Road
Glasgow G41 5HA
Tel: (0141) 427 3236
Email: info@dunreath.org.uk
Web: www.dunreath.org.uk

(for women)
5 Kirklee Gardens
Glasgow G12 0SG
Tel: (0141) 339 3234
Email: glenalvon@ntlworld.com

(for men)
Greygarth Hall
1 Lower Park Road
Manchester M14 5RS
Tel: (0161) 224 2582
Email: warden@greygarth.org.uk
web: www.greygarth.org.uk

(for women)
Coniston Hall
67-77 Hathersage Road
Manchester M13 0EW
Tel: (0161) 248 5585
Email: info@conistonhall.org.uk
Web: www.conistonhall.org.uk

(for men)
Grandpont House
Abingdon Road
Oxford OX1 4LD
Tel: (01865) 244150
Email: jimmirabal@gmail.com
Web: www.grandpont-house.org

(for women)
114 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6JU
Tel: (01865) 513410
Email: wintonoxford@gmail.com

(for men)
Netherhall House
Nutley Terrace
London NW3 5SA
Tel (020) 7435 8888
Email: director@netherhallhouse.org.uk
Web: www.nh.netherhall.org.uk

(for women)
Ashwell House
Shepherdess Walk
London N1 7NA
Tel: (020) 7490 3296
Email: ashwelloffice@btconnect.com
Web: www.ashwellhouse.org.uk

(for men)
1 Leopold Road
London W5 3PB
Tel: (020) 8992 3954
Email: club@westpark.org.uk
Web: westpark.org.uk

(for women)
Maresfield Gardens
London NW3 5RY
Tel: (020) 7433 3454
Email: info@lakefield.org.uk
Web: www.lakefield.org.uk

(for men)
159 Nightingale Lane
London SW12 8NQ
Tel: (020) 8673 2242
Email: mail@kelston.org.uk
Web: www.kelston.org.uk

(for women)
1 Chelsea Embankment
London SW3 4LG
Tel: (020) 7352 1545
Email: info@tamezinclub.org.uk
Web: www.tamezinclub.org.uk

(for men)
107 South Eden Park Road
Tel: (020) 8650 4354

(for women)
33 Plough Lane
Surrey CR8 3UJ
Tel: (020) 8645 2505
Email: thehillcrest@tiscali.co.uk

Retreats are held at Wickenden Manor (Sussex), Thornycroft Hall (Cheshire) and Hazelwood House (Glasgow).

Activities are also held in some cities where there is no Opus Dei centre yet such as Cambridge, Bristol, Sheffield, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and others. For details of activities in these and other cities, contact:

Opus Dei Information Office
6 Orme Court
London W2 4RL
Tel: 020 7221 9176
Email: info.uk@opusdei.org