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Jesus’ example in honouring mothers

The 12th of this month, the second Sunday of May, we'll be celebrating mothers on that annual celebration of Mothers' Day. Let’s look at the way Jesus praised his mother.

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A Personal Journey of Faith: An Unexpected World Youth Day Experience in Singapore and Malaysia

In August 2023, what started as a setback transformed into an extraordinary pilgrimage. Our original plan was to attend the 2023 World Youth Day, but faced with visa issues that scuttled our plans for Lisbon we turned our gaze to Southeast Asia.

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Tomás and Paquita Alvira and the blessing of a baby

Tomás and Paquita Alvira were married members of Opus Dei, who strove for sanctity through the heroic and persevering exercise of the Christian virtues, in their marriage, raising their children and passing on to others their joy of a bright and cheerful home. Both suffered painful illnesses towards the end of their lives, and offered up their suffering with a deeply supernatural outlook. Many Christians have had private recourse to their intercession for their different needs. Here is one such favour.

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From Hodari to Maliku

We set out on a rainy Friday morning to Kitui... with a small troop of boys who, myself included, had not painted anything bigger than their own rooms, if they had painted anything at all.

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"You will know when He calls you"

Blessing Nina Emmanuel talks about journey to the faith, inspired by her family and the chaplain at her university.

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COP@20, celebrating 20 years of service!

Strathmore University's Community Outreach Program (COP), under the Community Service Centre, this year hits its 20 year mark. A big year, worthy of celebration!

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Florence Oloo: Recognized and awarded in Madrid for the 'Jakana Women Empowerment Program'

Florence Oloo, a Professor of Chemistry at the Technical University of Kenya (TUK) and a founding member of the Nano Medicine Platform at the Center for Research in Therapeutic Sciences (CREATES) has been awarded at the fourteenth edition of Harambee: The African Woman Prize, for the Promotion and Equality of Women.

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Busy week in Dar es Salaam

On Thursday the 8th of December we were supposed to start the supernumerary’s annual seminar at Mbagala Spiritual Center, in Dar es Salam but difficulties with the visa for Fr. Joe and Luis meant we started a day late. It is the second such seminar to take place in Tanzania and it was exciting to see what would change from last year.

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The Important Role of Christian men in Modern Society

More than 15 cooperators and friends of the Work recently participated in a Cooperator’s Seminar at the Tigoni Study Center in Kenya. The seminar from 21 to 23 October 2022 looked at the opportunities and risks that come with navigating modern complexities in family and community life.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Service to Society

On 17 September, the Strathmore fraternity gathered to celebrate 10 years of the Macheo Achievement Program and the Financial Aid office. It was a celebration to mark a decade of life-changing financial support, character formation and service to society.

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