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The Prelate of Opus Dei in Nigeria, 19 - 26 July 2018

When the Father came to Nigeria

When the Father came to Nigeria

Nigeria waited 19 years for this visit. The last time the Prelate of Opus Dei came was in 1999. Many prayed and waited eagerly for July 19 and when the day finally came, nothing could be compared to the joy all felt that "He was here!"

Video Highlights of the Prelate of Opus Dei's Visit to Nigeria

Message of the day

“Take things calmly; let time pass”

You are worried. Listen: happen what may in your interior life or in the world that surrounds you, never forget that the importance of events or of people is very relative. Take things calmly; let time pass; and then, as you view persons and happenings dispassionately and from afar, you will acquire the perspective that will enable you to see each thing in its proper place and in its true size. If you do this, you will be more objective and you will spare yourself many causes of anxiety. (The Way, 702)

Don't be frightened; don't fear any harm, even though the circumstances in which you work are terrible, worse even than those of Daniel in the pit with all those ferocious beasts. God's hand is as powerful as ever and, if necessary, he will work miracles. Be faithful! With a loving, responsible and cheerful faithfulness to the teaching ...

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