Tomás and Paquita Alvira and the blessing of a baby

Tomás and Paquita Alvira were married members of Opus Dei, who strove for sanctity through the heroic and persevering exercise of the Christian virtues, in their marriage, raising their children and passing on to others their joy of a bright and cheerful home. Both suffered painful illnesses towards the end of their lives, and offered up their suffering with a deeply supernatural outlook. Many Christians have had private recourse to their intercession for their different needs. Here is one such favour.

Early last year (2022) I was asked to make Apostolic trips to Mbarara, a town 4 hours from Kampala, capital of Uganda. While at the trips, I met a lady who is now a cooperator, a young professional and married for 5 years but they were not able to get a baby. When I heard her story I decided to pray to the Alviras asking them for a favour: that they may be blessed with a baby.

Early this year, my friend was looking like she was expecting. When I asked her she confirmed the good news but asked me to continue praying for her till she delivered the baby. And, sure enough, on 19th August, thanks be to God, she delivered a baby boy!

Now I am giving thanks to the Alviras for that great favour and continue to pray for the young couple.