Busy week in Dar es Salaam

On Thursday the 8th of December we were supposed to start the supernumerary’s annual seminar at Mbagala Spiritual Center, in Dar es Salam but difficulties with the visa for Fr. Joe and Luis meant we started a day late. It is the second such seminar to take place in Tanzania and it was exciting to see what would change from last year.

Ancora imparo, indeed we were still learning and the sessions were opening our minds anew to the spirit of Opus Dei. From Christian formation on the spirit of detachment, sanctity in the middle of the world, family, work, confessions, meditations, Benediction. There was so much to learn, meditate on, contemplate and pray about.

I most certainly became more inspired by Fr Joe’s teaching on dependence on the grace of God to achieve the ultimate objective of life, and everything else in life, on doing everything with joy of Christ. In the get togethers and meals we spoke about the apostolate in Tanzania but we also spoke about science, environmental changes, astronomy and life in general.

Concluding the seminar with a Recollection on 11th December 2022, we were happy to have grown in our knowledge of the Work. Approaching the coming year we certainly understand more about the role of cooperators, how to help them and the role each one of us has in spreading Opus Dei, in Dar and in the rest of this big country.

In the same 11th December, Austine had also travelled from Kenya for a seminar for young people that was held Mkarimu, the house we are renting at Mwenge. Roymel and Augustine were in attendance. They found it insightful as we explained the Work to them in greater detail. On the last day Venance who was also around got some gifts for Santa Claus.

It was an enjoyable and busy week. We need to do more in Dar and from Dar!