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Ebola: "On our own we can do nothing"

Steve Ogunde is a Kenyan engineer now in Liberia helping to fight the Ebola crisis. He says "the spirit of Opus Dei gives me strength to face the reality of death."


"Bloom where you are planted"

Opus Dei started in Kenya in 1958 by the direct impulse of Saint Josemaria Escriva. In this video clip we see how its message has taken root there.

Personal testimonies

"People here are always giving thanks"

Isabel Covarrubias, a teacher from Santiago, Chile, is spending this semester helping out at Kimlea Technical Training Centre in Kenya.

Personal testimonies

Kimlea Technical Training Centre

Near Nairobi, Kenya, Kimlea began in 1989 under the encouragement of Bishop Alvaro del Portillo. To date about 12,000 women have benefited, most of them young girls working on the tea and coffee plantations.

Social initiatives

Africa in Saint Josemaria's Heart

In a get-together in Nairobi in 1989, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo talks about why Saint Josemaria decided to begin Opus Dei's apostolic work in Africa in Kenya.


Discovering God's hand in everything

In a get-together in Nairobi in 1989, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo tells those listening to him that "you Kenyans have a deep sense of God's presence."


What I like about St Josemaria

Mary Wanjiku, from Kenya, finds the source of St Josemaria's optimism in his understanding of God's love for each individual.