12 tips to make a better use of Opus Dei website

If you wish to know about the Opus Dei website better; if you would like to discover the contents that best suit your needs but don’t know where to start; here are 12 tips to help you find your way around the icons, links, sections and tags. Enjoy!

1.Enjoy the multimedia reports such as “RESET”.

2. Read the latest news from the Pope, including articles and free eBooks, and Homilies, Articles, Interviews from the Prelate.

3. If you wish to stay up-to-date, subscribe to the weekly newsletter for the latest news from the website.

4.Explore Opus Dei YouTube channel with more than 800 videos, grouped into 30 categories: documentaries, personal stories, social initiatives, videos on the Founder of Opus Dei, etc.

5. Browse our Flickr channel and glance through more than 6,500 pictures that cover hundreds of moments, events, trips of the Prelate, official photos and lots more.

6. Learn about the Life of Christ through the 23 Questions about Jesus section, an informative collection of articles written by theologians which has been downloaded by thousands of people.

7. If you are looking for rigorous and indepth articles on important issues the series monographs on Mercy, What Faith Means When You're 20 and St Paul is the place to go.

8. An image is better than a thousand words? Don’t know it, but an image with text will certainly help you. At least, this is what thousands of Instagram users think.

9. Learn about members of the Prelature whose cause of canonization have been open, how to have recourse to their intercession and favours obtained.

10. Need clarifications or the address of a Centre of Opus Dei in another country? Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

11. Do you want a simple and brief answer to any question on Opus Dei? We answer 20 questions.

12. If you don’t want to miss anything, the Press Room, which has the most important news published in the media, is your best option.