Personal Testimonies


Sophie's Family

Sophie, a Cooperator of Opus Dei in France, talks about confronting her husband's devastating accident a few months after their marriage, with the light and strength she found in Saint Josemaria's writings.


"Putting music in its right place"

John, a professional musician in Canada, learned from Saint Josemaria that making a place for God in his life meant he could find the right place for his family and friends too, and sanctify his music.

From Aleppo to Québec: An interview with Jad

A few months ago we introduced you to Jad, a student from Aleppo who received a scholarship from the Haratan Foundation to study in Quebec City and who lives in Boisgomin, a student residence supported by the Foundation. In this interview he talks about how he is adapting to his new country and his first Christmas in Canada.