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IESE and the Social Role of a Business

IESE and the Social Role of a Business

“A business is a community of people that serves other people within a society of people." An address given by Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz at a conference entitled “The Company and its Social Responsibilities,” marking IESE's 60th anniversary.


"Isidoro cured me of cancer"

In 1961, Fr. Joseph Escribano, then living in Canada, developed a mass between his lungs that showed signs of cancer. People around him prayed for his cure through Isidoro's intercession. When the doctors operated on him to remove that mass and get a more accurate diagnosis, they found no traces of it.


Renewing the Enthusiasm of a Tired World

The University of Navarra awarded honorary doctorates this year to British sociologist Margaret S. Archer; Israeli philologist Ruth Fine; American writer and media expert Robert Picard; and Spanish architect Rafael Moneo.

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