"I want what this lady has!"

Olga Medina worked with Dora del Hoyo for five years. She describes what she learned from watching Dora in action, and how Dora helped her approach her own work in a new, more profound way.

To send news about a favor received

If you have received a favor through the intercession of Dora del Hoyo, you can use an online form to share this good news with the Office for the Cause of the Saints of the Prelature of Opus Dei. This will help show the effectiveness of Dora's intercession and spread devotion to her.

"Dora, A Woman Coherent with Her Christian Life"

With the recent passing of Bishop Javier Echevarria, we recall with gratitude this interview he did back in 2012 about Dora del Hoyo. Present at the recent closure of the first phase of her canonization cause, Mons. Echevarria spoke in a moving way about Dora, calling her "a very feminine woman, with a strong personality, a serious professional, respectful and attentive to all - a woman who loved a lot."