Dora helped me get to my new job in Iloilo City

Dora was born on January 11, 1914. On this anniversary we report a favour from the Philippines.

I am very grateful to Dora for two favors. She works very fast.

I needed to go to Iloilo City soon from Quezon City for my new job. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic I had to wait until there was an available flight there. When I saw online that there was a flight on October 23, I right away processed my travel requirements to be able to go to Iloilo City. The local government office where I need to process the papers was closed until October 15 due to the pandemic. The queue of people in the City Hall to get the travel pass was just too long. I even heard that a friend of mine had to line up for 5 hours. I prayed to Dora del Hoyo to be able to get my medical certificate and travel pass from the police station before October 23. I got both of my papers in a few minutes after it was received in the Health Center and in the police station.

I am very grateful to Dora for facilitating my papers right away, and to be entertained by very accommodating government and police staff.

The second favor I received through the intercession of Dora was to receive my bank card before my flight on October 23. I have been following up the bank for the card since it expired in May 2020. The bank finally processed my card. But I received a message from them on October 19 that it would be sent to me in 7 to 10 working days. I was surprised and truly grateful when I received the bank card on October 21 (2 days before my flight).

M.G.E., Iloilo City