Dora, always in my way

We have so many reasons to thank Dora! Many things have happened to me and my family and friends, thanks to Dora's intercession. I ask pardon for taking so long to record it all...

In the summer of 2017, I was driving home. I was about an hour away and my phone battery was at 15%. I needed the battery to last because I was using my GPS on the phone and I did not know how to return home. I prayed to Dora and the battery lasted another hour! I was able to return home safely and arrive on time for my meeting.

Throughout the summer of 2017, I played at a few golf tournaments. I was very nervous in the beginning. Throughout the tournament, I was talking to Dora to help me become calm. In the end, I won first prize, received money and got my name engraved on the trophy. I did it at another golf tournament: before hitting the ball, I said “Come on, Dora” and I hit the ball so well. I won the prize for closest to the pin!

Dora helped my friend and she was very thankful. She said she would read Dora’s biography to get to know more about her life.

Since I’ve received so many favours from Dora, I have been telling my friends about Dora. I live in a student residence for women and it’s easy to spread devotion to Dora, because she is so effective. For example, one friend lost a gift that she had received from her mom. We prayed to Dora and a few hours later, she found it. She also lost a book that the library was going to charge her $200 for. We prayed to Dora again with the condition that when Dora helps her find the book, she will buy flowers for Our Lady. Of course, Dora helped her find the book, which was already shelved by someone at the library. We kept our promise and bought flowers for Our Lady in thanksgiving.

I experienced another favour when exchanging a pair of shoes at a store, which I received as a gift. Unfortunately, I did not have a gift receipt so the value of the shoes were going to be the lowest amount that was entered in the system. The store manager looked it up and said I could only get store credit. I did not take it right away because I had to think about it. I then left the store, prayed to Dora to help me make the best decision. Then two minutes later I returned to the store and decided to exchange the shoes anyway. A new cashier helped me and she said that the value was more than double! I was thrilled!

My other friend was sick, because of stress. She was getting itchy skin and rashes. We prayed to Dora and after a couple of days, she was healed! Another time, she had a fairly big lump in her body, which caused her pain. She went to the doctor and the doctor said that they might need to do surgery if it does not go away. That same day, the lump “popped” and it healed itself! She did not have to return to the doctor again. That same friend was looking to buy winter boots. I told her how Dora helped me with my purchase so she prayed to Dora and found an amazing deal. The boots were here size and she paid only 25% of the actual cost.

Another friend needed help with her work. She works in a pharmacy and was looking for medication, which was misplaced, and that a patient needed. She was panicking and asked Dora to help her find them. Of course, Dora helped her and she was very thankful. In return, she promised to read Dora’s biography to get to know more about her life.

I thank Dora with all my heart.

Recently, I have been visiting a resident at a long-term care facility. This resident sometimes ask me to buy her crossword puzzles. If the crossword puzzles are correctly formed, then she can win some money, like a lottery. Three times I bought her the puzzles, and three times she won some money! In all three purchases I invoked Dora to help me get the winning puzzle, because this resident would greatly appreciate getting a bit of money!

Lastly, my older sister, who has two children - both of whom were favours of Dora - wanted to have more babies. These two kids call Dora “Mama Dora.” Last year we boldly prayed to Dora that my sister might have twins! Of course, Dora listened and my sister became pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl. These healthy babies were born on April 27, 2018! My sister is still amazed.

We have so many reasons to thank Dora! Many things like these have happened to me and my family and friends, thanks to Dora. She always helps us find things we’ve lost: keys, rosary, etc. She also always helps my friends with school: helping them get the grades they need. I thank her with all my heart. I also ask pardon for taking so long to type up the numerous favours she continues to grant to me.

M. L. (Canada)

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