“You will fill the world with charity”

You must not destroy the souls of your fellow human beings through your neglect or your bad example. In spite of your passions, you have a responsibility for the Christian life of your neighbour, for the spiritual effectiveness of everyone, indeed for their very sanctity. (The Forge, 955)

Physically far away and yet feeling very close to them all, ``very close to them all'' you cheerfully repeated. You were happy thanks to that communion of charity which I spoke to you about, and which you must not get tired of keeping alive. (The Forge, 956)

You asked me what you could do to prevent the loneliness of that friend of yours. I will tell you what I always say, because we have at our disposal a marvellous weapon which is the answer to everything: prayer. In the first place, you must pray. And then you must do for him what you would like others to do for you if you were in similar circumstances. Without humiliating him, you must help him in such a way that the things he finds difficult can be made easy for him. (The Forge, 957)

Put yourself always in your neighbour's shoes. You will then see the various issues or problems calmly. You will not get annoyed. You will be more understanding. You will be able to make allowances and will correct people when and as required. And you will fill the world with charity. (The Forge, 958)

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