"To take care of others and to forget oneself"

The real obstacles that separate you from Christ —pride, sensuality...— are overcome through prayer and penance. And to pray and to mortify oneself is also to take care of others and to forget oneself. If you live like this you will see how most of the setbacks you meet will disappear. (The Way of the Cross, Tenth Station, 4)

You speak and no one listens. And if they do listen, they don't understand. You are always misunderstood!... Agreed. But in any case, in order that your cross may take on the full meaning of Christ's Cross, that is how you have to work now, with nobody taking any notice of you. Others will understand you. (The Way of the Cross, Third Station, 4)

How many through their pride and imagination, enter upon calvaries that have nothing to do with Christ's! The Cross you must shoulder is divine. Do not allow yourself to carry any human cross. If you ever get caught in this snare, rectify your intention immediately: it will be enough for you to consider that He has suffered infinitely more for love of us. (The Way of the Cross, Third Station, 5)

No matter how much you may love, you will never love enough.The human heart is endowed with an enormous coefficient of expansion. When it loves, it opens out in a crescendo of affection that overcomes all barriers. If you love Our Lord, there will not be a single creature that does not find a place in your heart. (The Way of the Cross, Eighth Station, 5)

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