“If you lack apostolic zeal you will become insipid”

Following the Master's wishes, you are to be salt and light while being fully immersed in this world we were made to live in, sharing in all human activities. Light illumines the hearts and minds of men. Salt gives flavour and preserves from corruption. That is why if you lack apostolic zeal you will become insipid and useless. You will be letting other people down and your life will be absurd. (The Forge, 22)

Many people ask with an air of self‑justification: Why should I get involved in the lives of others? Because it is your Christian duty to get involved in their lives, in order to serve them. Because Christ has got involved in your life and in mine. (The Forge, 24)

If you are another Christ, if you behave as a son of God, you will set things alight no matter where you are. Christ enkindles all hearts, leaving none indifferent. (The Forge, 25)