“Bringing God into [all] environments”

When you hold Our Lord in your breast and you taste the delights of his Love, promise him that you will strive to change the course of your life in whatever way is necessary, so that you can bring him to the masses of people who do not know him, who live without ideals and who, unfortunately, go on behaving like animals. (The Forge, 939)

For this world of ours to set its course in a Christian direction ‑‑ which is the only one worth while ‑‑ we have to exercise a loyal friendship with all men, based on a prior loyal friendship with God. (The Forge, 943)

I often feel like crying out to so many men and women in offices and shops, in the world of the media and in the law courts, in schools, on the factory floor, in mines and on farms and telling them that, with the backing of an interior life and by means of the Communion of Saints, they ought to be bringing God into all these different environments, according to that teaching of the Apostle: ``Glorify God by making your bodies the shrines of his presence.'' (The Forge, 945)

Those of us who bear in our hearts the truth of Christ have to put this truth into the hearts, and minds and lives of others. Not to do so would show a love of comfort and bad tactics too. Think it over once again: Did Christ ask you permission before coming into your soul? He left you free to follow him, but he was the one who sought you out, because he chose to. (The Forge, 946)

With our acts of service we can prepare an even greater triumph for the Lord than that of his entry into Jerusalem. For there will be no repetition of the Judas episode, or that of the Garden of Gethsemane, or of that dark night. We will succeed in setting the world alight with the flames of that fire which he came to cast upon the earth. And the light of Truth ‑‑ which is our Jesus ‑‑ will enlighten men's minds with a brightness that never fades. (The Forge, 947)