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​"Early last year my wife helped to prepare a Mass in honour of Saint Josemaria at Saint Charles Lwanga Cathedral in Kisii (a community of Bantu people in southwestern Kenya)."

Sanctifying Ordinary Life
Opus Dei - Quick Learner

My wife's job was to help in arranging the altar flowers. She bought the flowers in Nairobi and travelled with them to Kisii. Upon reaching the church, she started preparing the flowers into a nice bouquet, which drew the attention of the people around her as this is not common there. They were curious and the local catechist inquired what it was all about. She explained that the flowers were for the Mass of Saint Josemaria. “And who was he?” he asked.

She explained: “He was a saint canonized in the 2002 who preached that you and I can become saints through doing our ordinary everyday work well and for God.”

“What kind of ordinary work?” he asked.

“Like now when I arrange these flowers as well as I can, knowing that I am doing this for God; when a mother prepares a good meal for her family; when a father takes good care of his cows so as to support his family; when a student studies diligently; when a matatu driver drives carefully for his passengers. Whatever we do, Saint Josemaria taught, will make us holy if we do it well and for God.”

My wife then offered him a prayer card of Saint Josemaria and told him that he can go to his intercession for his personal needs. He asked for one more for his brother who was at home and after a little while he left.

A few minutes later my wife saw the catechist teaching a group of catechumens under a tree, among them women and children. He was speaking to them very articulately about holiness in ordinary work: “We can all be holy as Saint Josemaria teaches when we do our work well. When you mothers cook well for your families you become holy. When you sweep your homes carefully and keep them clean you become holy. When you children put care into your studies or assist your parents at home you become holy. This is how we shall go to heaven,” he taught them.

My wife was impressed at how fast he had learnt.


Saint Josemaria Prayer Card in Kisii