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Meditations: May 1, Saint Joseph the Worker

Some reflections that can guide our prayer on the memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker.

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Professional Formation (V): Finding the Right Path

In the journey on our professional path, formation helps us to keep our focus on the supernatural goal, and to integrate successfully all the different human goods in our life.

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Professional Formation (IV): Leadership By Serving

Saint Josemaría understood professional prestige not as a personal achievement but as an opportunity to serve all men and women better.

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Professional Formation (III): Citizens Who Work with Others

With our work and the relationships we establish through it, we can help build up a society in accord with the dignity of the human person.

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Work “Addiction” and the Christian Meaning of Work

Pope Francis said: “may no one lack work and may everyone be fairly remunerated and be able to enjoy the dignity of work and the beauty of rest.” This article considers how the dignity of work is closely linked with the need for rest.

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Professional Formation (II): In Order to Be Christ in our Work

Some suggestions to help us grow in union with Christ in our work, by taking advantage of the formation offered in every dimension of our life.

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The Caring Professions in Saint Josemaria's Teachings on Work

Some excerpts from a Study by María Pía Chirinos that will appear in the next issue of "Romana," the bulletin of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

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Just Like Jewelry: Sanctifying Daily Work

Sergio, an artist living in São Paulo, Brazil, shares the path that led him to discover the true value of his work and how to sanctify it.

Personal testimonies

Professional Formation (I): Reflecting On My Own Work

Saint Josemaría highlighted five aspects of the formation offered by Opus Dei: human, spiritual, doctrinal-religious, apostolic, and professional. This series explains the impact of that formation on the sanctification of work. But what exactly is professional formation?

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With a Father’s Heart: In Joseph's Workshop

In this year of Saint Joseph, here are some personal reflections on how Joseph and Jesus would have worked alongside each another, when Jesus was an adolescent.

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