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"What was Guadalupe like?"

When she was 19 years old, Mary Altozano met Venerable Guadalupe Ortiz almost by accident. It was an encounter that would impact the rest of her life. Sixty years later, Mary offers us her memories of Guadalupe.

Life and Stories

Guadalupe Ortiz: Doctor in Chemical Sciences, Humanity and Holiness

An abridged version of an article that appeared as part of a series entitled "Historical Gallery of Illustrious University Women", in Valladolid, Spain.

Life and Stories

Guadalupe: A Support on the Path to God

Guadalupe Ortiz was recently declared venerable by Pope Francis. We offer a summary of a press conference that was held for journalists, regarding Guadalupe and her fame for sanctity.


Guadalupe Ortiz Declared Venerable

This morning, Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to issue decrees relating to 12 canonization causes. Included among them is the decree proclaiming the heroic virtues of Guadalupe Ortiz (1916-1975), a faithful of Opus Dei.


Interview with the Postulator for Cause of Guadalupe Ortiz

Fr. Antonio Rodríguez de Rivera, postulator for Guadalupe's cause, answers some questions related to the promulgation of the decree on her heroic virtues.


Documentary: Guadalupe Ortiz

Ever since meeting Saint Josemaria in 1944, Guadalupe Ortiz decided to dedicate her life to a single project: seeking sanctity in the middle of the world. A Doctor in Chemistry, she discovered the adventure of the Christian life, and helped many others to do the same, through her work, and with faith and optimism.

Life and Stories

A Birthmark on my Granddaughter’s Face

My granddaughter, Caroline, was born with birthmark on her face that covered her forehead, nose and upper lip.


Conflict with a Professor

In the first term of my last year at the university I had a bad time with one of the professors who contradicted everything I said in class.


Photos of Guadalupe

Some photos of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landazuri.

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Three Quick Favors

In just a few days time, Guadalupe has obtained three favors for me.