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Glimpses of Dora

75 years ago, on 14 March 1946, Dora del Hoyo wrote a letter to Saint Josemaría Escrivá asking to be admitted to Opus Dei. She was the first Assistant Numerary. What was Dora like? Two British members remember her.


75 Years Ago: First Assistant Numerary

On 14 March 1946, Dora del Hoyo wrote to Saint Josemaria asking to be admitted to Opus Dei. She was the first in a long line of Assistant Numeraries.

Dora del Hoyo

Dora helped me get to my new job in Iloilo City

Dora was born on January 11, 1914. On this anniversary we report a favour from the Philippines.


Nine Days Praying With Dora del Hoyo

This novena offers nine prayers to help us talk to God about what makes us happy, worries us or upsets us, in the light of different features that shone forth in the life of Dora del Hoyo, whose cause of canonization has been opened.


Dora looks after my mother

My mother has no short-term memory, so if she loses something, it can be very difficult to find it. Unless we pray to Dora...


Dora, always in my way

We have so many reasons to thank Dora! Many things have happened to me and my family and friends, thanks to Dora's intercession. I ask pardon for taking so long to record it all...


In the Heart of the Home

The goal of the recent Art of Living Conference in Manila was to help people see "work in the home as a service to their family, which can be professionalized and brought to the level of an art.”

Recent News

A 90th Birthday Celebrated in Heaven

Dora del Hoyo died on January 10, 2004, just a day before turning 90 years old. Here are some examples of people who have received favors through her intercession.


A wife for my son

I prayed the prayer card asking Dora to intercede so that my oldest son, who lives in the United States, would meet a nice girl.


All Favors Big and Small

I would like to thank Dora because she always helps me when I ask her for things while I'm working...