What schools and other charities in the United States have a relationship with Opus Dei?

Opus Dei provides spiritual guidance at a number of charitable and educational institutions in the United States.

In addition to the personal apostolate that the Prelature fosters in its members and which occupies a pride of place, the Prelature as such also provides pastoral assistance to a number of educational and social initiatives. Supplementary educational programs at Midtown and Metro Centers, for example, have helped thousands of African-American and Hispanic youth from low-income families in Chicago.

Opus Dei members, in cooperation with others, operate eight secondary schools in the United States: The Heights and Oakcrest near Washington, D.C.; Northridge Preparatory School and Willows Academy near Chicago; the Montrose School and Sparhawk Academy near Boston; and Western Academy and Magnolia School near Houston. IESE Business School, the graduate business school of the University of Navarra, has a campus in Manhattan.