Living the Spirit of St. Josemaría: A Conference in New York City

On October 17th, a half-day conference will be held in Midtown Manahattan with speakers and panels discussing how aspects of St. Josemaría’s message have impacted their lives.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei and the 60th anniversary of its beginnings in the U.S., members of the Work and their friends are organizing a conference to explore the impact of St. Josemaría’s message of holiness in ordinary life. The conference is entitled: Passionately Loving the World: The Influence of St. Josemaría .

Professionals in public life, business and academia, as well as parents, will speak about their experiences trying to live this message in their professional work and in their families. They will address the challenges that our contemporary culture poses to professional and family life.

The format of the conference will be four keynote talks followed by panel discussions and opportunities for questions and answers. During lunch, Prof. John Coverdale, author of a biography of St. Josemaría, will speak about St. Josemaría and Fr. Joseph Muzquiz, who started Opus Dei in the U.S.  Prof. Coverdale is also working on the first  biography of Fr. Joseph Muzquiz in English.

The conference seeks to facilitate a serious dialogue between professionals who personally try to live out their Christian faith more fully in their professional and family life.

Details can be found at the conference’s website: