Letter from the Prelate (8 May 2019)

Mgr. Ocariz encourages us to live through this Marian month of May in continual thanksgiving to God "for everything, because everything is good", as St Josemaría taught.

Pastoral Letters and Messages
Opus Dei - Letter from the Prelate (8 May 2019)

Rome, 8 May 2019

My dearest children: may Jesus watch over my daughters and sons for me!

We remember clearly how St Josemaría used to encourage us to maintain a habitual attitude of thanksgiving towards God “for everything, because everything is good” (The Way, no. 268). It is a simple and very valuable way of praying.

Let’s thank Our Lord for all the good things that he permits us to live through, and for all the many gifts that we often don’t even notice. And amidst problems, suffering or the experience of our own weakness, God is also offering us an opportunity to see beyond the immediate context and trust in his love. “If you thank God for everything, you will have progressed greatly in your spiritual life,” St Josemaría once told us (28 March 1971).

A few days ago we thanked Our Lord especially for the ordination of 34 new priests of the Prelature. May this thanksgiving lead us to pray for all the priests in the Church so that, as the Pope has asked, “they may not fear spending their lives for their people” (15 November 2018).

Thinking of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri’s beatification, which is now so close, as well as continuing to give thanks, let’s ask Our Lord to help us understand ordinary life as a path to holiness and practise this more deeply, loving God and others with deeds of service.

As always, and especially in this month of May, let’s turn in our prayer to Our Lady’s motherly mediation.

A very affectionate blessing from

your Father