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About the book "Opus" by Gareth Gore (Simon & Schuster)

Press release on the book "Opus" by journalist Gareth Gore, soon to be published by Simon & Schuster.

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Q&A about the Financial Times article

Some questions and answers from the Opus Dei Information Office about an article published in the Financial Times magazine.

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Some clarifications on an article published in the "Financial Times Magazine"

Press Release from the Opus Dei Information Office in response to an article published in the Financial Times Magazine. It expresses "the desire to learn from mistakes made," as well as the need to "make some additional clarifications."

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“We respect their voices and we're listening. That's our number one priority right now”

Since 2017, Kathryn Plazek (Pittsburgh, 1988) has been one of eight women on the Central Advisory, the consultative body that works with the Prelate, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, in the governance of Opus Dei. We spoke to her about some of the allegations made in the media by three women who had been part of the prelature.

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Interview with the Prelate: "God expects lay people to engage in a constant dialogue of love"

An interview with Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz by the "Ecclesia" News Agency during the Prelate's recent trip to Portugal.

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Press Release on canonical proceedings against former Gaztelueta school teacher

Press Release from the Press Office in Spain on the opening of canonical proceedings against a former Gaztelueta school teacher

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About a DW TV documentary on Opus Dei

The German television station DW (Deutsche Welle) has broadcast a documentary which is misleading and which includes false and unsubstantiated allegations against Opus Dei.

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"Serving means growing and helping others grow"

Isabel Sánchez is Secretary of the Central Advisory, a council made up of women who advise the Prelate of Opus Dei. In this interview she speaks about her recent book "Northbound Women: Compasses for a Complicated World"

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Information Handbook 2020

The Information Handbook is a publication of the Information Office of Opus Dei and is published to help journalists and other media professionals. It contains a summary of the nature, history and organisation of the Opus Dei Prelature, an institution of the Roman Catholic Church.

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That Little Boy in St. Josemaria’s Arms

On Sunday night, Fran Ruiz Anton died after a long illness. He was well known in the field of communications, and always remembered the time the founder of Opus Dei held him in his arms as a young child.

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