Homily on the Epiphany

Very many people personally experienced St. Josemaria's preaching. In over fifty years of pastoral work he preached to hundreds of thousands of listeners, in groups of varying size. To mark the feast of the Epiphany an audio file of a reading of one of his homilies is being made available on this web page.

The Epiphany of Our Lord

As St. Josemaria used to say, "I am a priest, and all I can talk about is God".

The homily made available in the audio file (above) was originally given on 6 January 1956, the feast of the Epiphany. It was translated and published in English in 1974 with other homilies in the anthology 'Christ is Passing By' (Four Courts Press, Dublin).

St. Josemaria's homilies were known for their depth. They do not form any sort of treatise or study, nor do they lose themselves in abstractions; they were preached to people of varied cultural backgrounds and all walks of life, and are readily intelligible. But the thoughts they contain show profound knowledge of the word of God, drawing on the Gospels and the early Christian writers. His quotations from the Fathers of the Church seem quite at home in the texts of these homilies.

Another characteristic is their direct and easy style, which helps the listener see the connection between the Gospel teaching and the life of the ordinary Christian. They do contain theory, but it always dovetails with everyday experience.

The voice on the recording is provided by William Boardman, an author who lives in Manchester, England.