Books about Opus Dei

These books are available from your local bookstore, or from CTS, or from Scepter UK (231, Nithsdale Road, Glasgow, G41 5HA. Tel: (0141) 427 3236; Fax: (0141) 427 7547. E-mail:

BRISTOW, Peter, Opus Dei - Christians in the midst of the world, CTS, London, 2001.

COVERDALE, John F., Uncommon Faith: The Early Years of Opus Dei (1928-1943), New York, 2002.

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LE TOURNEAU, Dominique, What Is Opus Dei?, Dublin, 1987. (o.t.: L’Opus Dei, Paris, 1984).

MESSORI, Vittorio, Opus Dei, Leadership and Vision in Today’s Catholic Church, New York, 1997. (o.t.: Opus Dei. Un’indagine, Milan, 1994).

OLAIZOLA, José Luis, A Writer in Search of God, Manila, 1994. (o.t.: Un escritor en busca de Dios, Barcelona, 1993).

RODRIGUEZ Pedro; OCARIZ, Fernando; ILLANES, José Luis, Opus Dei in the Church, Princeton, 1994. (o.t.: El Opus Dei en la Iglesia, Madrid, 1993).

ROMANO, Giuseppe, Opus Dei: Who? How? Why?, Staten Island, 1995. (o.t.: Opus Dei: Chi, come, perche, Milan, 1994).

WEST, William J., Opus Dei. Exploding a Myth, Australia, 1987.