Lost wallet during the Covid-19

A simple favour received when buying food during lockdown

I just want to share a testimony of the mercy of Jesus through the intercession of St Josemaria during this period of the Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore. We are on lockdown and I could only go out of the flat for essentials. I went out cycling to buy lunch at a coffee shop around our housing block. I didn't notice that my wallet dropped from my pocket. When I parked my bicycle and ordered food, suddenly I couldn't find my wallet! I panicked. I quickly retraced my trail back to check if I had dropped the wallet on the way, but there was no sign of the wallet. I went back to the original point of the lobby of our housing block. I asked my son to check if he saw any sign of the wallet but he gestured a negative nod of his head. My son watched me in desperation as I searched for the wallet helplessly.

I then cycled back to the coffee shop, and checked again on the trail for any sign of my wallet. It was during this time that I turned to Jesus for help and I prayed to St Josemaria to intercede for me to find my wallet. When I was almost reaching the coffee shop, I saw an Indian woman running towards my direction. She was holding something on her hand and yelling to call my attention. Apparently, she picked up my wallet earlier and tried to yell at me to claim the wallet, but I was too quick to leave the place that I didn't hear her yell! She informed her employer and the latter was on her way down the housing block to paste a notice on the wall regarding a lost and found item.

I know this is a small incident but it did worry me tremendously. During this period of the lockdown, most services are closed and getting a replacement for my misplaced credit cards and other essentials kept in my wallet would not be a straightforward matter. I thank Jesus and for the intercession of St Josemaria for having my wallet picked up by a really honest person!

Vincent Loh Khang Cheow