While in Singapore, how we discovered relevance of St Josemaria's teachings

Cooperators of Opus Dei in Singapore share their personal experiences on the relevance of St Josemaria's life and teachings in modern, daily living.

This is a video clip on some cooperators of Opus Dei in Singapore who relate their personal experiences on how they discovered St Josemaria's life and teachings, and how learning about St Josemaria has helped each of them discover new horizons to tackle the challenges of daily living.

“What I was trying to figure out was how he (St Josemaria) could be a priest and yet be so ‘normal’, that he could talk about the challenges that people like us – non-priests – face everyday. He knows all the dilemmas we face, the needs that we face as a layperson… and the advice that he gives is so relatable…” Chiara H.

“I saw him as a great role model…” Christian E.

‘Great holiness consists in carrying out the duties of each moment!’ This quote of St Josemaria ties in with what first struck me about him. In everything that I do, even in the littlest of my activities, I can make something out of it and give it back to God…” Karina G.