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Every night: "Thank you, St. Josemaría!"

Faced with illness, God helped this mother to open up and say: "Jesus, whatever you 'want,' I love!" (The Way, 773).

Devotion and Favors

Lost wallet during the Covid-19

A simple favour received when buying food during lockdown

Opus Dei


We were in danger of losing the deposit we had put down for my son’s apartment.

Devotion and Favors

Family unity

The move was a painful one and had a bad effect on our family unity.

Devotion and Favors

A complete turn-around

She refused to talk to me about it and did not want to see me.

Devotion and Favors

Finishing the favor

I prayed to St Josemaria for a job for my dad.

Devotion and Favors

Good news

We used to read the book together with my husband and we fell in love with this saint and his teachings.

Devotion and Favors

Novena and some get-togethers

The atmosphere at home was somewhat against religion.

Devotion and Favors


My father gave me a prayer-card of St Josemaria.

Devotion and Favors

Searching for a permanent job

I was recommended to a good job which I did not even apply for.

Devotion and Favors