Pause: A Digital Platform for Families

"Stop and think about your family," is the tagline for a new digital platform from IFFD (International Federation for Family Development) with content on education and family life.

Visit the platform with videos for families here.

Javier Relats, an IFFD advisor and one of the driving forces behind the project, explains that the platform is meant to be an international reference for issues related to family and education, bringing together the meaningful content and high audiovisual quality.

"Parents and couples from different parts of the world will find answers to many of the concerns that assail them in day-to-day family life. We have top experts in each topic and the assurance of the IFFD, an institution with a proven track record of over 50 years and a presence in nearly 70 countries, selecting the best content for Pause by IFFD subscribers."

A new module with videos from experts will be uploaded every two months, and the topics will span all the main issues concerning families. "The first module we've launched," Javier Vidal-Quadras, IFFD Secretary-General says, "is on mental health and addictions, and 'getting your children to listen,' about authority in the family, 'don't miss your first steps,' on early childhood, and 'put stress in pause,' on reducing tension at home, are coming soon."

Along with sessions by experts, there will be personal testimonies from mothers, fathers, and young people. "This is our distinctive feature," Leticia Rodríguez, director of Family Enrichment at IFFD says. "We do not only want to present expert voices; we also want to offer practical solutions adopted by participants in our over-800 annual courses. There are few universal rules when it comes to family and education. It is a prudential science, and there are many different solutions to the same problem."

In addition to experts and testimonials, Pause by IFFD will contain some written documents with the best practices from different countries.

Finally, the platform also holds the content of the digital events organized by IFFD in 2022 and 2023 (Love Talks 1 and 2) with over 60 talks on affectivity and sexuality and on family and work-life balance.

The IFFD is an international NGO that provides formation and support to help and strengthen families around the world, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion.

It serves numerous institutions, including family, work-related, and religious organizations, and for year, many initiatives supported by faithful and friends of the Prelature have relied on its experience and knowledge to develop family guidance courses.