Guadalupe's Birthday


December 12th is Blessed Guadalupe's birthday. In her honor, here are all the publications (homilies, videos, articles, testimonies, etc.) surrounding her recent beatification this ...

50 Years as a Priest

From the Pope
50 Years as a Priest

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was ordained a priest on December 13, 1969. On his golden jubilee, we offer this essay about the Holy Father's priestly ...


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“The value God places on marriage”

In the middle of the rejoicing at the feast in Cana, only Mary notices that they are short of wine. A soul will notice even the smallest details of service if, like her, it is alive with a passion for helping its neighbour, for God. (Furrow, 631)

The pure and noble love of husband and wife is a sacred thing. As a priest, I bless it with all my heart. Christian tradition has often seen in Christ's presence at the wedding feast in Cana a proof of the value God places on marriage. “Our Saviour went to the wedding feast," writes St Cyril of Alexandria, “to ...