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“If we didn’t do our small bit… we didn’t truly love the children.”

An elementary school teacher and her former students reach out to the less fortunate in Antique province, central Philippines.

Simplicity through the Lens of Aetas

“Being simple” is what a university professor learned in the last 4 years, as she continues to help aetas (indigenous people) in her province in Castillejos, Zambales (Philippines).

Punlaan: Sowing the seeds of women empowerment

Businesses that have repeatedly looked toward Punlaan to meet their staffing needs agree that it is the graduates’ values and attitude toward work that make them more desirable employees.

Generosity begets joy in outreach to the blind

Women friends, students, teachers and staff of Linang Center and Punlaan School visited the Philippine National School for the Blind in Pasay City.

Small Beginnings: A community library for kids in Cebu (Philippines)

A technical vocational teacher’s mini library at her home continues to gather children and improve their reading, language and social skills.

Punlaan School: A pioneer takes stock for the future

Anne Marie Jacinto, School Director of Punlaan School, retired from her work in September 2022. In this interview, she looks back at her 30 years in the school.

Badjao women turning the tide

Badjao women completed a course in Bread and Pastry Production and will be starting a bakery business in Cebu.

City Jail Visit: “Be Joyful, Positive, and Grateful”

Girls of Linang Center gained valuable life insights from their first ever outreach work of visiting the imprisoned.

Ang Kasaganahan ay Nagmumula sa Kawalan

“Prosperity Arising from Poverty.” Nathalie Adina, a student volunteer, shares (in Tagalog) her reflections on Tahilan Study Center’s visit to a depressed community in Tondo (Manila) on the occasion of World Day of the Poor, 13 November 2022. The English translation follows after the article.

Chipping away at poverty: one graduate at a time

Each year, Banilad School sees young girls leave its halls, brimming with hope, looking forward to bringing a bright future to their families and to become valuable contributors to the food, hotel, and restaurant service sectors.