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Badjao women turning the tide

Badjao women completed a course in Bread and Pastry Production and will be starting a bakery business in Cebu.

Be Joyful, Positive, and Grateful

Girls of Linang Center gained valuable life insights from their first ever outreach work of visiting the imprisoned.

Ang Kasaganahan ay Nagmumula sa Kawalan

“Prosperity Arising from Poverty.” Nathalie Adina, a student volunteer, shares (in Tagalog) her reflections on Tahilan Study Center’s visit to a depressed community in Tondo (Manila) on the occasion of World Day of the Poor, 13 November 2022. The English translation follows after the article.

Chipping away at poverty: one graduate at a time

Each year, Banilad School sees young girls leave its halls, brimming with hope, looking forward to bringing a bright future to their families and to become valuable contributors to the food, hotel, and restaurant service sectors.

Miracles in a Trilogy: Typhoon Odette Reloaded

The disaster showed that miracles do happen when people look beyond themselves to help others in need.

Changing gears and discovering the rural countryside

Joy and Tony Tañada found in farming, farm management, and rural living a world of beauty, simplicity, and productivity.

Providing food for families affected by the pandemic

“I felt that I was not essential in addressing the social plight of the community.” - Marianella Mendoza

Personal testimonies

Caring for those who once cared

On the occasion of World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, the Sunday closest to the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, we recall this 2016 article by Bernadette Agna.

Social initiatives

Assisting the Poorest of the Poor

When COVID-19 struck last year, a university professor mobilized friends to assist the Aeta communities in the nearby mountains.

Social initiatives

Farmers’ friend

Jeff Barreiro, a member of Opus Dei, founded the Philippine agritech startup "Mayani" in 2019 to help address poverty and hunger in the agriculture sector and to possibly ignite economic progress in the countryside.

Social initiatives