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José Maria Hernández Garnica: Newsletters in English

Newsletters in English and a video about the life of Fr José María Hernandez Garnica, who began the apostolic work of Opus Dei in a number of European countries.

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A Priest for All Souls: Fr. Jose Maria Garnica

On 14 February 1943, Saint Josemaria first saw how priests could be incardinated in Opus Dei in service to all souls. Fr. Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica was one of the first three priest in Opus Dei.

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A Strong Shepherd’s Staff for Saint Josemaria

In a letter written to the founder of Opus Dei in 1969, Fr. Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica tells him of his happiness and desire to be a strong support for Saint Josemaria.

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The Most Unexpected and Surprising Solution

"Before going to bed, I intensified my prayers to José María. I remember shouting somewhat desperately, 'The boat! The boat!' as I finished. Hours later, in the middle of the night, my son-in-law's cell phone started ringing...


Favors received through Fr. Jose Maria's intercession

Some of the many favors that have been received by those who have gone to the intercession of Fr. Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica


Prayer for Fr. Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica's intercession

Prayer for private devotion.

José María Hernández Garnica

Fr José María: An apostle for the world

José Maria Hernández Garnica was born in Madrid on 17 November 1913. He obtained doctorates in Engineering, Natural Sciences and Theology. On 28 July 1935 he joined Opus Dei. He died in Barcelona on 7 December 1972.

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News of the Cause for Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica

After receiving the required testimonies and documents on his fame of sanctity and favors attributed to his intercession, the Cardinal of Madrid named a commission to carry out the diocesan Process on his life and virtues.


Centenary of Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica's Birth (November 17, 1913)

One of the first three priests in Opus Dei, his cause of canonization is now underway. In this brief video, St. Josemaria speaks about visiting him in the hospital shortly before his death in 1972.

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