Who is Encarnita Ortega?


Encarnita Ortega was born in 1920 in Galicia (Spain). At age 20, she met Saint Josemaría and discovered her vocation to Opus Dei: from that ...

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“Stick to your daily periods of prayer”

If you really want to be a penitent soul - both penitent and cheerful - you must above all stick to your daily periods of prayer, which should be fervent, generous and not cut short. And you must make sure that those minutes of prayer are not done only when you feel the need, but at fixed times, whenever it is possible. Don't neglect these details. If you subject yourself to this daily worship of God, I can assure you that you will be always happy. (Furrow, 994)

How is your life of prayer going? At times don't you feel during the day the impulse to speak more at length with him? Don't you then whisper to him that you will tell him all about it later, in a heart‑to‑heart conversation?

In the periods expressly reserved for this rendezvous with our Lord, the heart ...