Masses for Feast of St Josemaría Escrivá

Masses for Feast of St Josemaría Escrivá

Saint Josemaría was canonised in 2002 and his feast day is 26 June. To mark the occasion, Masses will be celebrated in different cities around New Zealand.

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“I have learned to become a little child of God”

Our will, strengthened by grace, is all-powerful before God. If, for instance, as we travel in a bus, we are struck by the thought of so many offences against God and say to Jesus, backing our words with our will 'My God, I wish I could make an act of love and reparation for every turn of the wheels carrying me', in that very instant, in the eyes of Jesus, we really have loved him and atoned just as we desired. Such 'nonsense' is not pushing spiritual childhood too far: it is the eternal dialogue between...

... the innocent child and the father doting on his son: 'Tell me, how much do you love me?'... And the little lad pipes out: 'A mil-lion mil-lion ti-mes!' (The Way, 897)

In our interior life, it does all of us good to be quasi modo geniti infantes, like those tiny tots who seem to be made of rubber and who even enjoy falling over because they get up again right away and are once more running around, and also because they know their parents will always be there...

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In the Heart of the Home

The goal of the recent Art of Living Conference in Manila was to help people see "work in the home as a service to their family, which can be...

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