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New Beginnings in South Africa

Alexandra, commonly known as Alex, is a township in Johannesburg and one of the poorest urban areas in South Africa. Within this township lies St. Hubert Catholic Church, which hosts the Ithubelisha programme for girls aged 9–17.

Personal testimonies

Meditations: 2nd Sunday after Christmas (Sunday of the Word of God)

Some reflections that can assist our prayer on the Sunday of the second week of Christmas.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

Some reflections that can assist our prayer on Tuesday of the first week of Advent.

New Mediterraneans (V): "To Jesus, Through Mary" (with audio)

As a young priest, Saint Josemaria grasped with new depth a truth he had always known. “Yesterday I discovered another Mediterranean: if I am a son of my Father God, then I am also a son of my Mother Mary.”

Fostering Interior Life

Letter from the Prelate (12 August 2022)

On the occasion of the renewal of the consecration of the Work on August 15th to the Most Sweet Heart of Mary, the Prelate of Opus Dei invites us to keep alive our desires for holiness and apostolate, expressed in a daily, joyful and hope-filled fidelity.

Pastoral Letters and Messages

“It is worthwhile!”(I): A Force That Conquers Time

Fidelity is the virtue that arises in relationships between people – and therefore also with God – when we trust in the love of the other person.

Fostering Interior Life

The Prelate of Opus Dei in Barcelona: "May we be sowers of peace and joy"

Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz met with faithful of the Prelature in various encounters during his visit to Barcelona from August 5 to 7. He also visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy, as St. Josemaría did on many occasions. On Sunday, August 7, in the afternoon, the Prelate of Opus Dei returned to Rome.

From the Prelate

"We are apprentices of life"

In his 10 August general audience, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on old age with a reflection about hopeful waiting and old age as a time projected toward fulfillment.

From the Church and the Pope

Without Memory or Speech

“Illness is not a punishment; it is a caress from God,” Blessed Alvaro del Portillo stressed in 1987, “to draw us to him.” This couple entrusted themselves to Don Alvaro's intercession at a difficult time.


Transfiguration of Our Lord on Mount Tabor

Some texts and a video from the Saxum Foundation to assist our prayer for the Feast of the Transfiguration on August 6.

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