Working Together: New Video about Cooperators

People around the world talk about what it means to be a cooperator of Opus Dei and how it brings them encouragement in their daily lives.

"To be a cooperator is to help in whatever way you can," explains Stefania, a retired Italian teacher. Gustavo, a Brazilian, says that the Work showed him "a very beautiful path of service and dedication to others," in which his life has more meaning. Kaye, from the Philippines, confides that she decided to be a cooperator to encourage herself to give more in situations of need.

These are a few of the protagonists in Working Together: Cooperators of Opus Dei, a documentary available on YouTube. Through 16 protagonists from nine countries, it describes what cooperators are and what their relationship with Opus Dei is.

The 22-minute video also includes footage of Saint Josemaría, who called them "friends." "This is what we are: friends. Friends who love Christ, who try to do what good we can, as far as we can, and a little more than we can," he explained in a crowded gathering, seen in the video.

The Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, also addressed them briefly, thanking them for all they do for the Work and for the Church.